How do I lower risk?

Up to 40% of cancer risk can be changed by lifestyle.

The 3 most important causes of cancer (change by cancer):

  • Family history; you cannot change this
  • Work environment (outdoor workers get more skin cancer); for some this can be changed
  • Lifestyle; everybody can change this

As up to 54% of bowel cancer are related to lifestyle there is a huge opportunity to lower the risk of bowel cancer.

Work environment

For offices workers the largest risks of cancers are:

Stationary work
‘Sitting is the new smoking’ and this was most recently acknowledge by Apple who’s new Apple Watch alerts the wearer every hour to stand up or go for a glass of water. Here are some other easy to follow ideas:

  • If you have a catch-up meeting with a colleague; ‘walk-and-talk’. Do not sit down and have a cup of coffee; walk with the coffee and colleague
  • When you have a call on your mobile; go for a walk with your mobile
  • Set an alarm on your computer to remind you every hour to go and get a glass of water
  • If you run group meetings try and stand during the meeting. You burn more energy/fat and the meetings will become for effective and shorter

Other risk lowering advice

  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Eat a balanced diet low on meat and in particular processed meat
  • Cut back on alcohol and stop smoking